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Industrial Sandblasting Services


Pipe cleaning with ultra high pressure water - Industrial Sandblasting
Reheat header completely contained for dust-free sandblasting - NDT
SP-5 White Metal blast for high energy pipe inspection


A & G Industrial Services, Inc. offers industrial sandblasting services and has the capabilities to accommodate any shape or size structure. Sandblasting is one of the best solutions to clean and prepare surfaces, as well as, eliminate industrial soils prior to applying any coating and/or lining system.

Methods of Abrasive Blasting

Vacuum blasting
Traditional Grit Blastin
Dust free blasting
Sponge blasting
Ultra High-Pressure (UHP) Water Blasting
Dry Ice Blasting

Services for Inspectional Sandblasting

Steam headers
Boiler tubes
High pressure steam piping
Turbine rotors,valve seats & steam chests
Fully contained dust free sandblasting
P-91 Hardness Testing Preparation

Benefits of A & G Industrial Services, Inc. Sandblasting Services

Higher accuracy of Ultrasonic Inspections Savings of time for outage schedule    Value-Added

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